OAG ThailandA large group of executive-level auditors from the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand today completed a tailor-made training at IACA dedicated to anti-corruption auditing issues.

The four-day training covered topics including effective government audit, public procurement, fraud prevention and detection, organizational integrity, the role of leadership in combating corruption, and global trends in anti-corruption enforcement. Study visits to the Austrian Court of Audit and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for White-Collar Crime and Corruption (WKStA) were also part of the programme.

Participants had sessions with internationally renowned experts in the field, many of whom are frequent IACA lecturers. They include Drago Kos (Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery), Georg Krakow (Baker & McKenzie), Jo Kremers (Central Audit Service under the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands), Jeroen Maesschalck (Leuven Institute of Criminology), Samira Musayeva (UNCITRAL), Johannes Schnitzer (Schnitzer Law), and Elena Helmer (IACA).

Tailor-made trainings are IACA’s customized programmes for specific organizations, corporations, or institutions, addressing the unique challenges that each one faces in preventing and fighting corruption. The Academy will deliver about a dozen such trainings during the next months, including one in May for participants from Eurasian Economic Union Member States.