B20 Russia

IACA is pleased to announce that it - together with the UN Global Compact Initiative and other major stakeholders - will support the Basel Institute on Governance in establishing and administering...

the new B20 Collective Action Hub on Anti-Corruption, which the Institute – together with its partners - has been awarded with by the B20 Task Force on Anti-Corruption and Transparency. Its main aim is to promote and strengthen collective action initiatives against corruption by bringing together leading businesses from the G20 member countries, governments and civil society organizations. Amongst some of the very concrete measures that will be implemented by the time the Russian Federation hands over its G20 presidency to Australia at the end of this year is the establishment of this Collective Action Hub. The Task Force Chairman, Andrei Bougrov, Vice President of Interros Company and Norilsk Nickel said: “Our B20 task force set itself an ambitious goal to move ‘from declaration to action’. The next few months will determine whether this is to remain at a rhetorical level, or whether the leading companies of the world, in cooperation with their respective governments, really have the will to put their money where their mouth is, pool their resources and contribute to creating conditions for a fundamental change of behavior in the markets in which they are investing.

”In presenting the Collective Action Hub, Peter Solmssen, Member of the Managing Board and General Counsel of Siemens AG, discussed the importance of Collective Action in tackling corruption: "We view the Collective Action Hub as a significant ground‐breaking initiative that will become a formidable force in the fight against global corruption".Professor Mark Pieth, President of the Basel Institute on Governance and, furthermore, a member of the Programme Consortium for IACA’s Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS),stated that the creation of the Collective Action Hub on Anti-Corruption marks a significant development in the international efforts to offer a neutral forum for businesses and governments to take concrete steps to join efforts in strengthening good business practices.The hub will be implemented in Switzerland and operate via its International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA).