Power of the Pen1The International Anti-Corruption Academy hosted a three-day event for journalists from the Middle East and North Africa entitled “The Power of the Pen.”  The roundtable event brought print and broadcast journalists together to discuss the challenges and responsibilities of ethical journalism in today’s world.

The title of the roundtable event emanates from the historical concept that the pen is mightier than the sword.  During the first three days of October, journalists met in Laxenburg to determine the truth of that statement. The participants shared experiences and posed questions to each other ranging from the characteristics of an ethical journalist, the role of the media and their role in the fight against corruption and the corrupt. The Power of the Pen promoted lively debates among the participants on various issues, including the impact of corruption on reporting, ethics, investigative reporting, legal frameworks and best practices.  “It was a very enriching experience, meeting and hearing from people from a broad array of countries with experiences that seemed at once so distant yet so familiar for someone from a country that has gone through the transitional phases that many countries in the Middle East and North Africa are experiencing,” one participant observed.  This event for the MENA region took place from 1 to 3 October and was co-sponsored by the United States.

IACA will host a series of regional roundtables concerning the power of the pen in the future. The Academy is preparing a short video about “The Power of the Pen”, including interviews with some of the participants.  Viewers may soon access this through our website.

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