LexisNexisTransparency in Public Administration was the topic of last night’s panel discussion, organized by the LexisNexis Compliance Network and IACA. Around 80 representatives from the Compliance Praxis network and the 70 IACSA participants came together to discuss developments,


initiatives and experiences in the anti-corruption arena. Access to information, transparency as a means for increasing effectiveness, and data access as a way for fostering innovation were among the central issues. Participants spoke of the need for transparent government information systems available to the public, and reviewed where the line for confidentiality can be drawn. The emergence of certain international standards such as the UNCAC, as well as the EU Transparency Initiative and role of the Council of Europe’s GRECO, were also discussed.

Panelists included keynote speaker Professor Mark Pieth from the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies Programme Consortium; Manfred Matzka, Director-General at the Austrian Federal Chancellery; and Hubert Sickinger from the University of Vienna. The panel discussion was moderated by IACA’s Dean, Martin Kreutner.