Julie Norris FIFA-INTERPOL Regional WorkshopOver the past two days, IACA played host to a regional workshop on tackling match-fixing and corruption in football. The course forms part of the Integrity in Sport Initiative, a global programme developed by FIFA and INTERPOL to raise awareness, educate stakeholders, and provide them with tools to better protect the integrity of the game.

This regional workshop was designed for a group of law enforcement officials and focused on better preparing them to investigate alleged cases of match-fixing/match-manipulation both in their national jurisdiction and in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. Subjects varied from the scope and magnitude of the problem to evidence collection and evaluation to current cases and vulnerabilities. Michaela Ragg, Assistant Director at the INTERPOL Integrity in Sport Unit, and Julie Norris, Training Officer at the INTEGRITY in Sport Unit, served as the facilitators.

This is the second FIFA - INTERPOL regional workshop to be hosted by IACA, the first one having taken place in March this year.