Signatories  Parties Briefing - May 2011The Academy´s third Signatories and Parties briefing took place on 31 May, bringing together representatives of IACA´s Members.

Martin Kreutner, Chair of the IACA International Transition Team, updated the participants on IACA´s most recent ratifications and accessions as well as the latest partnership agreements concluded. In the course of the meeting, more states revealed that their instruments of ratification will be deposited in a matter of days or weeks.

The main issues of discussion centered on the Academy´s institutional and organizational frameworks, finances, academic initiatives, and future endeavors. With respect to formal governance, the delegates agreed on a need to set up an interim mechanism mandated with safeguarding IACA’s momentum and making some of the most fundamental decisions until the Assembly of the Parties is in full force. The Headquarters Agreement, which will apply retroactively, was presented by the host country and will be considered by the Members during this month.

Concerning the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies, Mr. Kreutner informed the delegates that while the course of study is scheduled for the 2011/2012 academic year, the full academic programme will start in the summer semester of 2012, subject to the decision of IACA´s Members. The curriculum is currently under review by the International Academic Advisory Board, and will be presented to stakeholders in due course.

Mr. Kreutner expressed his gratitude to, inter alia, Austria, Greece, Malaysia, Slovenia, OLAF and UNODC for their current and previous secondments to the International Transition Team, and in general called for broad “financial ownership”. He also announced that Ms. Bandion-Ortner, former Austrian Minister of Justice, will be seconded by the Republic of Austria in her capacity as a legal expert. As Chair of the IACA International Transition Team he urged all Members to support IACA and the team in terms of resources and finances in order to facilitate the Academy´s operations and further its objectives.