PACT Group PictureParticipants enrolled in IACA’s latest programme – the Procurement in Anti-Corruption Training (PACT) – are on campus this week for its on-site component.


The PACT started on 9 September with a two-week, pre-training phase and will conclude on 4 October after a one-week, follow-up phase.The programme is tailored to provide established public procurement and anti-corruption practitioners with sound anti-corruption strategies and technical exposure to the vulnerabilities in the public procurement process.


Participation in the programme is diverse, and includes procurement officials from the UN, OLAF, OSCE, and Interpol. Drawing on the extensive resources provided during the first three weeks of the PACT, each participant will have completed a paper by the end of the training which explores an important anti-corruption strategy and recommends how this strategy could be implemented in his/her country. Over the past two weeks, the two dozen PACT participants took part in a series of online sessions with course professor Christopher Yukins, a senior academic and highly renowned international expert. The online component also featured a number of lectures from authorities on topical areas of procurement including sanctions, investigation, and compliance. During this week’s action packed agenda, subjects such as risk mapping, legal instruments, case studies, and corporate integrity will be covered. Guest lecturers include experts from UNCITRAL, the OECD, the Indian Administration Service, and Transparency International. Participants will return home next week to finalize their papers, working closely with Professor Yukins.

The PACT is delivered in cooperation with UNODC.