Ban Ki-Moon Martin KreutnerIn view of IACA becoming an international organization as well as deliberating on the potential areas of intensified cooperation, UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, welcomed Mr. Martin Kreutner, Chair of the IACA Transition Team, to the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

During Mr. Kreutner’s visit of 7 March, the Secretary-General congratulated the Academy on gaining this status in such a short period of time, and reiterated his and the United Nations’ full support for it. Mr. Ban Ki-moon also thanked all of IACA’s Parties, Signatories and Partners for their commitment and dedication in realizing this important international initiative.

The UNSG and IACA’s Chair of the International Transition Team further elaborated on IACA’s future path as well as its complimentary role vis-à-vis already established institutions and mechanisms. The Secretary-General also expressed his gratitude to the Austrian Government for its support to IACA, and ensured that the Academy can count on a strong partnership with the United Nations, and specifically UNODC, which will also serve on IACA’s Board of Governors.

Mr. Kreutner mentioned that a continuous ratification process, sustaining momentum in the long-run, and meeting the high expectations of stakeholders while at the same time not being instrumentalized, is a key objective for the mid-term perspective. In addition, ensuring global outreach as well as financial independence and sustainability, and establishing the Academy as a flattering instrument for global anti-corruption empowerment, is of equal importance. He also emphasized that strengthening cooperation with relevant entities of the United Nations is of high value and importance for the Academy. In his closing remarks, Mr. Kreutner expressed his sincere gratitude for the Secretary-General’s and the UN’s dedication to the Academy, and invited him to IACA's campus upon his next visit to Vienna.