Missions BriefingOn 29 May, IACA held a Missions Briefing in the Vienna International Centre, which witnessed the participation of more than 50 states, both Members and non-Members, as well as international organizations.

Participants were informed of recent developments at IACA, the status of its constituency and cooperation arrangements, and upcoming trainings. The ongoing Master in Anti-Corruption Studies programme and the tailor-made trainings which IACA delivers around the globe were the focal points of discussion.

Non-members learned of IACA’s purpose, history, and the benefits of joining the organization. The Dean also disclosed that states and international organizations wishing to be considered Parties in time for the second Assembly of Parties, scheduled to take place in Bangkok from 9 to 11 December, need to deposit their instrument of ratification (Signatories) or accession (non-IACA Members) by 8 October. On this note, the delegate from Brazil communicated that his country would be ratifying the Agreement for the Establishment of IACA as an International Organization within the next few days.

The Missions Briefing preceded the third meeting of the Board of Governors, which took place at IACA’s campus in Laxenburg this week.