Expert Group Meeting IFrom 21 to 24 May, the second round of Expert Group Meetings, part of UNODC’s, "The 6 Ps: Public-Private Partnership for Probity in Public Procurement", and “Legal Incentives for Corporate Integrity and Cooperation” projects, took place at IACA.

The meetings served as a follow-up to those of September 2012, again having brought together professionals from India and Mexico to exchange good practices with international experts.The 6 Ps: Public-Private Partnership for Probity in Public Procurement project is aimed at promoting states’ implementation of Article 9 of the UNCAC, supporting private actors’ efforts to comply with the 10th Principle of the UN Global Compact, and reducing vulnerabilities to corruption in the public procurement system. It focuses on the developing economies of India and Mexico, as well as implementing several activities on a global level. The objective of the project on Legal Incentives for Corporate Integrity and Cooperation is to promote states´ implementation of articles 26 (Liability of legal persons), 32 (Protection of witnesses, experts and victims), 37 (Cooperation with law sector), and 39 (Cooperation between national authorities and the private sector) of the UNCAC.

The first meeting concentrated on transparency, competition and objectivity in public procurement. It provided an opportunity for sharing research findings on compliance with Article 9 of the UNCAC and facilitated the compilation of a good practice guide on the UNCAC and public procurement. The meeting also served to provide guidance for the development of a curriculum on anti-corruption and public procurement, to be taught at IACA this fall.

Legal incentives for corporate integrity and cooperation were the focus of the second Expert Group Meeting. Participants discussed international good practices on legal incentives and sanctions on encouraging greater corporate integrity, including the reporting on corruption. They shared case studies on states’ legislation concerning specific UNCAC articles, and also reviewed and provided feedback on the UNODC/IACA draft publication in promoting corporate integrity and cooperation through legal incentives and sanctions.

Expert Group Meeting