LG Training 2015IACA’s second Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training took place from 13 - 17 July, focusing on key integrity issues at the municipal and regional levels.

Four international experts led the programme – Professor Robert Klitgaard from Claremont Graduate University, former La Paz mayor and World Bank expert Ronald MacLean-Abaroa, Professor Nikos Passas from IACA’s Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) Programme Consortium, and Ana Vasilache, Director of the Partners Foundation for Local Governance in Romania.

IACA developed its Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training in response to growing urbanization and decentralization trends, which have increased the importance of local governments and their susceptibility to corruption.

Over five days, local politicians, regional government administrators, and experts from ombudsman offices and local anti-corruption organizations, were guided through the types, risks, and consequences of corruption, interactive case studies, and ethical dilemmas. Through team exercises, they developed measures for strengthening local integrity systems in their own environment.