Korean HydroIACA’s latest tailor-made training started yesterday, designed for a group of representatives from the Republic of Korea’s Hydro and Nuclear Power Company (KHNP).

Yesterday’s sessions focused on trends and efforts in the prevention of and fight against corruption, delivered by IACA’s Oche Godwin and Elena Helmer. The programme continues with comparative analyses of anti-corruption policies and measures today, with IACA’s Jongsam Yang, before moving into a range of thematic issues next week, from public procurement to fraud prevention and organizational integrity.

Georg Krakow (Baker & McKenzie) as well as regular visiting lecturers Max Kaiser Aranda (Instituto Tecnologico de Mexico), Jeroen Maesschalck (Leuven Institute of Criminology), and Christopher Yukins (George Washington University Law School) will also be here to share their expertise.