IMG 9919 webIACA is currently delivering an on-campus training programme for 21 senior Siemens compliance professionals from around the world.

The five-day seminar focuses on international best practices and new approaches in the fields of anti-corruption and compliance. It explores topics such as measuring corruption, with an emphasis on the limitations and challenges, patterns of choice in behavioural sciences, and the economic, legal, and ethical dimensions of compliance. Consisting of lectures and case-study analyses, the programme takes an interactive approach to learning and sharing of experience.

The training began with a teambuilding exercise, followed by sessions with several internationally renowned experts, such as: Caroline Nicholas (UNCITRAL), Odell Guyton (JABIL), Mary Gentile (Babson College), Johann Graf Lambsdorff (University of Passau), Katherine Hall (Australian National University), Matthias Sutter (University of Cologne), Roderick Macauley (Ministry of Justice - UK), and Luis Moreno Ocampo (former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court).

Tailor-made trainings are IACA’s customized programmes for specific organizations, corporations, or institutions, addressing the unique challenges that each one faces in preventing and fighting corruption. The Academy will deliver about a dozen such trainings in the coming months, including one later in May for participants from Eurasian Economic Union Member States.

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