Aspiring candidates are advised to consult IACA’s Staff Rules at an early stage. The Staff Rules reflect most of the principles and values applicable to other international organizations but, nevertheless, do not necessarily represent the UN Common System.

Please note that - as is the case with other intergovernmental organizations - appointments with IACA on posts AD/AC graded from 1 to 7 are exclusive with no outside employment or occupation being authorized. For other appointments, the authorization is routinely handled restrictively.


Vacancies Deadline

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31 March 2019 

Tender Deadline

Request for Quotation for External Accounting Servicespdf button

28 February 2019

Clarification to RFQ for External Accounting ServicesExternal Accounting Services  

Interested vendors may request clarifications at no later than 13 February 2019. So far following requests have been received: regarding the number of accounts, cost centers currently in use, balance sheet total and if IACA is using an ERP system. Due to the sensitive nature of the information requested, the answers are not published herein, but will be provided to bidders upon their request.


Internship Programme

IACA's Internship Programme is designed for university students and recent graduates wishing to develop or build on their professional skills and gain working experience in an international environment. Internships are offered for three to six months in areas such as external relations, event organization, communications, law, programme development and organization, administration, and IT. Applications are open all year round. For more information on the internship programme and how to apply, please click here.