IACA has launched a Compliance Benchmark Project. This project is supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative and aims to overcome shortcomings in the knowledge of anti-corruption compliance programmes as they effectively operate in the private sector.

As an international and academic organization, IACA is committed to gathering and comparing data with rigour, neutrality, and perspective. The project is non-profit and the data will be made available for free.

Below are a few Q&As. Please feel free to ask further questions, or send us comments or suggestions at the Project Team address: compliancebenchmark@iaca.int

What is in the questionnaire?

The survey consists of 82 questions. Many questions revolve around the number of employees working in the compliance department, as one of the key objectives of the study is to benchmark the resources of compliance departments around the world. Other questions deal with key elements of the programme (such as the code of conduct, training, or the ethics hotline). A few questions try to capture the ability of the compliance department to reach its goals (as, for example, by impacting the company’s culture).

For participating companies, the questionnaire must be filled online via a unique link which each company will receive. The questionnaire is also available through the links below for information purposes:

IACA Benchmark Questionnaire (Word)

IACA Benchmark Questionnaire (pdf)

Can my company participate?

As a matter of principle, all companies are welcome to submit their data, irrespective of their size or sector of activity. However, in the initial stage of the project, only companies headquartered in selected countries will be invited in order to allow for meaningful benchmarking despite the limited number of responding companies. Based solely on practical considerations, the countries selected for this initial stage of the project are: Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Other geographical areas will be added progressively, starting in the last quarter of 2018.

How do I submit my data?

IACA has opened the submission platform, where data can be filled in directly online on the Academy’s dedicated database site. For this purpose, IACA is sending the online hyperlink to participating companies upon request. A first set of responses was collected in September 2018. Further rounds will follow.

Please simply send an email at any time to the Project Team address (compliancebenchmark@iaca.int) to confirm you company’s willingness to participate in the survey and we will return with more detailed instructions on how to submit.

The pdf / word questionnaire above is available for information purposes.

Does my company get anything in return?

This is a general interest project, potentially benefiting the entire compliance community worldwide. Participating companies will be the first to be informed of the results of the survey through a feedback session.

We appreciate the time and commitment required to respond to the questionnaire, and will be happy to acknowledge company participation upon request. Also, as a token of appreciation, surveyed companies will be offered discounted rates on IACA trainings or events. Please email us if you would like to learn more about this possibility.

Is this a one-off?

No! The project aims at creating a permanent, evolving, and freely accessible database of key figures on corporate compliance programmes and departments around the world. In order to allow for meaningful trend analyses, participating companies are encouraged from the start to consider updating their data on a yearly basis after the initial submission.

How will the data be protected?

Data is gathered on a strictly anonymous basis through a unique link sent to the participating companies upon their request.

Once collected, data will be made available via a dedicated IACA webpage. Access to the data will be possible through search criteria, such as: country, size, sector, etc. However, only aggregated data will be released publicly. No individual company data will be released, not even anonymously.

IACA will keep the email addresses of respondents separate from the database and in strict confidence, for the sole purpose of sending reminders for yearly data updates.

IACA will be happy to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with those companies that request it.

How may I help?

We welcome assistance for the purpose of reaching out to companies in the selected countries. Please do write to us at the Project Team address (compliancebenchmark@iaca.int) if you think that you can put us in contact with potential respondents in an effective manner.

IACA would also like to acknowledge the extremely valuable contribution of a number of outstanding compliance professionals in all selected countries who, acting on a pro bono basis, have supported the initiative in helping IACA to gather a first set of data.