Some 98 internationally renowned professors and practitioners from all regions taught in IACA’s academic degree programmes, standardized (open) trainings, and tailor-made courses during 2019.

IACA Faculty

They included the Academy’s own in-house faculty:

Yoojin Choi, Head of Programmes and Activities

Elena Helmer, Associate Professor and Senior Expert (formerly Director of Academic Programmes)

Eduard Ivanov, Senior Research Associate

Abu Kassim bin Mohamed, visiting expert (on a pro bono basis)

Pawan Kumar Sinha, Director of Academic Programmes

In Jong Kim, Senior Academic Expert

Martin Zapata, Research Associate


In addition, the list of distinguished members of IACA’s (frequent visiting) faculty includes, inter alia:

Alexandra Malina Manea

Legal Counsel, World Bank, Office of Suspension and Debarment

Through its programmes in general and the MACS in particular, IACA is becoming a key player in the global efforts against corruption. The MACS curriculum reflects well the understanding that corruption needs a multidisciplinary and complex approach. The programme also strongly encourages knowledge exchange not only between the trainer and the students but also between the students themselves. This is particularly valuable because students come from different countries and sectors and I have directly observed how exchanges between them catalyze creative analysis of entrenched problems and they all benefit from exposure to different local settings.

Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent, independent international anti-corruption expert, former Under-Secretary General of Governance and Management Services at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Heike J. Böhme, Chief Operating Officer Group, Compliance, Volkswagen AG

Steven David Brown, Criminal Justice Specialist

Martim Della Valle, Founder of Zenith Source

Ivo Teixeira Gico Jr., Antitrust and Regulation Professor of the Law Graduate Program, University Center of Brasília (UniCeuB)

Michael Johnston, Distinguished Professor

Guillermo Jorge, Director of the Program on Corruption Control at San Andrés University School of Law, Argentina, Managing Partner of Guillermo Jorge & Asociados

Max Kaiser Aranda, Founder of the Center for Integrity and Ethics in Business (CIEN), Mexico

Mushtaq Khan, Professor of Economics, SOAS, University of London

Robert Klitgaard, University Professor, Claremont Graduate University

Alexey Konov, Director of the Anti-Corruption Center of the National University Higher School of Economics

Joseph Kremers, Senior Manager Audit, Central Audit Service, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Drago Kos, Chair, OECD Working Group on Bribery

Georg Krakow, Partner in the Compliance Practice Group, Baker McKenzie, Vienna

Hans-Heiner Kühne, Chairperson of IACA’s International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB), Professor of Criminal Law, European and international criminal law, criminal procedure law, and criminology, University of Trier, Germany

Johann Graf Lambsdorff, Professor of Economic Theory, University of Passau

Yung Sang Lee, Partner in the Dispute Resolution Group at Yulchon

Michael Levi, Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University

Daniel Ming-chak Li, Vice Chairperson of IACA’s International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB), former Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations, Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption

Rebecca Li, Consultant and Expert Advisor to the Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association

Jane Ley, Deputy Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics (retired)

Roderick Macauley, Criminal Law Advisor, UK Ministry of Justice

Jeroen Maesschalck, Professor, Leuven Institute of Criminology

Shervin Majlessi, Senior Legal Adviser, World Bank/UNODC Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)

Richard E. Messick, Legal Development and Anti-Corruption Consultant

Anthony Mills, Journalist

Klaus Moosmayer, Member of the Executive Committee Novartis and Chief Ethics, Risk and Compliance Officer

Samira Musayeva, Legal Officer, United Nations Office on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Paul Myers, Journalist

Barbara Neiger, Independent Senior Lead Auditor

Caroline Nicholas, Senior Legal Officer, United Nations Office on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL Secretariat)

Katalin Pallai, independent policy expert and former Associate Professor of the National University for Public Service, Budapest, Hungary

Guido Palazzo, Professor of Business Ethics at HEC, University of Lausanne

Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Director in the Global Disputes and Investigations practice at an international consulting firm

Bo Rothstein, August Röhss Chair in Political Science at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Pallavi Roy, Lecturer in International Economics, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS

Ashley Savage, Independent specialist in whistleblowing, information rights and governance.

Tina Søreide, Professor in Economics and Law, Norwegian School of Economics

Andrew Spalding, Professor, University of Richmond School of Law

Margret Steixner, Intercultural Teambuilding Expert

Elisabeth Täubl, Senior Prosecutor, Austrian Central Office for Prosecuting Economic Crimes and Corruption, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Policy Advisor at IACA

S. Ramakrishna (Rama) Velamuri, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Chengwei Ventures Chair in Entrepreneurship at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Candice Welsch, Chief, Implementation Support Section, Corruption and Economic Crime Branch, UNODC

Tom Willems, Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator, OLAF

Christopher R. Yukins, Professor and Co-Director of the Procurement Law Programme, George Washington University Law School

Milda Zilinskaite, Assistant Professor at the Institute of English Business Communication, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Sabine Zindera, Vice President, Legal and Compliance, Siemens AG

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