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Internship applications are open all year round. IACA accepts a limited number of interns every year.

The Internship Programme is designed for students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD (or equivalent) university programmes and recent graduates wishing to develop and broaden their professional skills and gain working experience in an international environment.

Internships are offered in areas such as external relations and strategic partnerships, marketing and communications, law, development and implementation of capacity building and educational activities, IT, finance, and human resources.

Internships are on a full-time basis for a period of three to six months and take place at the IACA campus in Laxenburg, Austria. In exceptional cases, internships of shorter than three months may be considered.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for an internship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be proficient in the English language (well-developed oral communication and drafting skills). A working knowledge of other languages is desirable
  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD (or equivalent) university programme at a recognized university, or have graduated from university no more than five years prior to applying for the internship
  • Easily adapt to a multicultural working environment
  • Work effectively in a team as well as independently
  • Have: discretion, reliability, precision, honesty, and integrity.

The candidate’s fields of study may include, but are not limited to, social and political sciences, law, economics, finance, journalism, marketing, information technology, business administration, or international relations. Practical experience is not a prerequisite, but may be considered an asset.


Interns are personally responsible for obtaining any required visas for Austria and for complying with local laws including residency registration.


The Internship Programme is not remunerated. Costs arising from travel, accommodation, mandatory health insurance, and living expenses are the responsibility of the intern. However, the Academy does offer a monthly lump sum compensation towards the Intern’s local transportation costs. An internship does not constitute any commitment for future employment with IACA. However, interns may apply for vacancy notices as external candidates at any time during and after their internship.

How to Apply

How to apply

Your internship application is submitted via online application form.

The following information is requested for application submission:

  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter (max. 400 words), outlining your interest in the Internship Programme, relevant experiences (academic and non-academic), and perceived benefit of completing an internship at IACA
  • Names and contact details of two people who are familiar with your qualifications
  • Your availability


Ana Luiza Aranha (Brazil)
Ana Luiza Aranha (Brazil)Collective Action, Compliance and (private sector) Anti-Corruption

The research internship at IACA was a life-changing opportunity. It broadened my professional skills and, most importantly, it was the first step in my international career. It gave me valuable experience in international anti-corruption alongside experts in this field. I have always appreciated a diverse and multicultural environment, and IACA encourages opportunities for cultural and scientific exchanges among different nationalities.

Zijun Cheng (China)
Zijun Cheng (China)Programmes and Activities

My internship at IACA during summer 2018 was a wonderful experience for me, and I really learned a lot. For example, I supported the team in implementing various open and tailor-made trainings, such as the IACA Summer Academy. I had an opportunity not only to learn about anti-corruption issues, but also to get to know participants from many different countries. In addition, the multicultural working environment at IACA was very nice, and all my colleagues were very professional and supportive during my internship. I felt like I was not just an intern, but also a part of the team. I can absolutely recommend the internship programme at IACA, especially for those who would like to gain practical experience in an international organization / global institution.

Siobhan Williams (Australia)
Siobhan Williams (Australia)External Relations and Protocol

Accepting the offer to be an intern at IACA was one of the best decisions I have made - it was an enriching professional experience that gave me a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the issue of corruption in countries around the globe, as well as the diplomatic and functional aspects of an international organization. I emerged from my internship with enhanced professional confidence and passion for contributing to the principles of transparency and integrity within my home country.

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Michael Bitzan


Programmes and Activities

grey quote sm

  Spending three months in IACA's internship programme was a very rewarding experience. It taught me valuable skills and acted as a springboard for my career, and the relationships and connections I made are still intact today. Working on the Summer Academy, I felt less like an intern and more like a necessary part of the IACA team, and it is an experience I would recommend to anyone seeking real work experience in an international organization.

Daniel Dicke


External Relations and Protocol

grey quote sm   The best part of my internship at IACA was being able to contribute to raising awareness of an important issue that affects us all. During this programme I could witness how diplomacy works and how important it is to bring different international stakeholders together. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this opportunity as I learned a lot in a great environment.

Wiebke Junge


Programmes and Activities

grey quote sm

  An internship with IACA gave me the unique opportunity to gain first-hand insights into the working methods of an international organization. At IACA, interns really count and their work is highly valued. They are treated as part of the team from the first day and this is what makes an internship there such a special and valuable experience.

Ashura Kayupayupa


Programmes and Activities

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  During my internship I learned a lot about corruption and anti-corruption efforts globally. I learned that corruption is very complicated and that knowledge support is important in raising awareness about the problem, especially in African countries. I also had an opportunity to attend some of the trainings organized by the Academy. This helped me gain an understanding of the multiple layers of corruption and their complexity in the realization of human rights.

Kodir Kuliev


Programmes and Activities

grey quote sm   My internship at IACA gave me so much personally, academically, and career-wise. Not only was I involved in designing and implementing projects with inspiring and supportive team members and having a first-hand impression of the day-to-day working environment of an international organization, but I also had a unique opportunity to network with employees, students, and even lecturers coming from all corners of the world. What I greatly appreciated about IACA were the resources it allocated for use by interns. IACA’s library, for instance, was an ideal source of information to contribute to my Master’s thesis on ‘corruption and development’.  I loved how I had an opportunity to meet with and talk to big-name UN experts, lecturers, and professors, which helped me to learn more about my specialty.

Fabiana Massaro


External Relations and Protocol

 grey quote sm

  I interned at IACA from September to December 2014, working for the External Relations and Protocol Department. During my internship I had the chance to take part in different internal and external meetings where I could meet ambassadors and other important figures from the political and diplomatic world. Furthermore, I could deepen my knowledge about foreign cultures and study global responses to tackling corruption. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most during my internship at IACA was the intercultural working environment, as well as the chance I had to be involved in the organization of IACA’s informal consultations, where vital documents of the third session of IACA’s Assembly of Parties (held in Baku, Azerbaijan) were discussed. I can definitely say that I loved working for this young international organization with so many talented, young and socially skilled interns and team leaders. I would suggest to any student to intern at IACA.  

Zoryana Skalych


Programmes and Activities

 grey quote sm   The main goals of IACA are directly correlated with my academic interests. During the internship I had the chance to learn about international cooperation in the anti-corruption sector and to participate in the preparation of various enriching trainings and activities organized by the Academy. The possibility of working in a multicultural environment with an outstanding professional team, and of learning new anti-corruption initiatives, contributed greatly to my personal and professional development. It is a great opportunity for every young professional to experience at first hand what IACA has been doing.

Massimiliano Tabella


General Management, Alumni team

 grey quote sm   I had the opportunity to do an internship at IACA from August to November 2014. I worked mostly for the General Management Department, where I contributed to the daily routine of administrative and logistical tasks. This gave me the opportunity to get a deep understanding of the organization and its functions. The work itself was very interesting, and I got the chance to perform a different task almost every day. Besides that, I also had the possibility to contribute to the publication of the alumni magazine "IACAlumnus", and to attend a meeting with a delegation from Bhutan. The environment was really friendly. Throughout my stay at IACA I had great support from the staff as well as from other interns, who provided me with all the help I needed. My supervisor, in particular, was very helpful and made my internship a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Overall, I believe an internship at IACA is a great opportunity for everyone interested in working in an international organization. I would highly recommend it!

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