The Provisional Commission was a transitional organ of IACA, mandated with preparations in view of the Assembly of Parties. It was established on 13 October 2011 by the Resolution of the IACA Provisional Assembly Establishing the Provisional Commission, and dissolved on 29 November 2012 with the convening of the Assembly of Parties. The Commission had brought together representatives of all of IACA’s Signatories and Parties. During its lifespan, it had five sessions and series of informal consultations. The Commission is credited with having prepared some of the most fundamental documents for endorsement by the first session of the Assembly of Parties.

The officers of the Provisional Commission were, H.E. Eugenio M. Curia (President, Argentina); Itai Apter (Vice President, Israel); H.E. Helmut Böck (Vice President, Austria); Anca Jurma (Vice President, Romania); Pakdee Pothisiri (Vice President, Thailand); H.E. Ukur Yatani (Vice President, Kenya); and Sofia Zakharova (Vice President, Russian Federation).

Documents adopted by the Provisional Commission for endorsement by the 1st Assembly of Parties



The International Steering Committee was a transitional organ of IACA, established in October 2008 and dissolved on 8 March 2011 with IACA becoming an international organization. The Committee adopted the Academy’s policies, regulated management and the transitional work programme. In addition, it reviewed the progress of IACA’s activities and gave strategic direction to the International Transition Team in carrying out preparatory work for the Academy to become an international organization. The Committee had brought together senior representatives of IACA’s initiating partners – UNODC, the Republic of Austria, OLAF – and other stakeholders.

The Steering Committee’s members were, Martin Kreutner (Chairperson, 2009 - 2011); H.E. Helmut Böck; Hans Brieger; Franz-Hermann Brüner (†), Wolfgang Hetzer; John Sandage; Brigitte Strobel-Shaw; Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger; Muhyieddeen Touq; and Dimitri Vlassis.


The International Transition Team carried out the Academy’s daily operations. The team included approximately 20 international professionals and personnel seconded by IACA’s Parties and stakeholders. With their different skills and backgrounds, the members of this International Transition Team negotiated a host of issues, such as the planning and implementation of programmes and events, legal matters and cooperation arrangements, external relations, communications and outreach, administration, finances, and facility management. Moreover, the team served as a secretariat to both the Provisional Commission and Provisional Assembly. During the transition phase, it was also responsible for groundwork in view of IACA becoming an international organization.