Over a decade

of Excellence. Innovation. Impact.

IACA is an international organization that empowers professionals
to make a lasting impact in the fight against corruption.

Excellence. Innovation. Impact.

IACA is an international organization that empowers professionals to make a lasting impact in the fight against corruption.

IACA at the 10th Anniversary

2011 - 2021



76 Member States and 4 International Organizations




Countries and Jurisdictions with IACA Alumni

Fighting Against Corruption is a Shared Responsability

Thomas Stelzer, Dean and Executive Secretary of IACA, video message on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International Anti-Corruption Academy
H.E. Mr. Chae-Hyun Shin, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the International Organizations in Vienna
H.E. Mr. Mikhail Ulyanov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the international organizations in Vienna
H.E. Mr. Ivo Šrámek, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the international organizations in Vienna
H.E. Ms. Manizha Bakhtari, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the international organizations in Vienna
H.E. Mr. Aftab Ahmad Khokher, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the international organizations in Vienna
H.E. Ms. Esther Monterrubio Villar, Permanent Representative of Spain to the international organizations in Vienna
Statement by H.E. Mr. Kairat Umarov, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the International Organizations in Vienna, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International Anti-Corruption Academy
Video message of H.E.Mr. Peter Mišík, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the UN on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of IACA.


The section will host a collection of excerpts from speeches given in support of IACA over the past 10 years. These voices represent IACA’s collective memory and continuing dialogue of ideas.

Alexandra Malina Manea

Through its programmes in general and the MACS in particular, IACA is becoming a key player in the global efforts against corruption. The MACS curriculum reflects well the understanding that corruption needs a multidisciplinary and complex approach. The programme also strongly encourages knowledge exchange not only between the trainer and the students but also between the students themselves. This is particularly valuable because students come from different countries and sectors and I have directly observed how exchanges between them catalyze creative analysis of entrenched problems and they all benefit from exposure to different local settings.

Legal Counsel World Bank, Office of Suspension and Debarment

Drago Kos

Meeting so many people different in age, geographical origin and culture but all sharing an unstoppable desire not only to learn about fighting corruption but also to do it in practice, is a privilege for every lecturer. This privilege becomes even greater after recognizing that only a few lessons connect these different people into a homogenous front against the evil of corruption.

Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery

Lloydette Bai-Marrow

The MACS course is a rigorous and intensive programme of study. I was particularly impressed by the breadth of material covered and the highly effective use of practical exercises to embed learning. The students are exposed to teaching of the highest calibre and from a broad spectrum of experts. The MACS class of 2018 were an incredibly diverse group of dedicated and skilled professionals from all over the world. They worked incredibly hard during each Module and would return home exhausted but it was clear to see that this programme was already making a difference to their professional lives. They were all excited and expectant about future opportunities once they had conclude the course. It was a delight and an honour to be part of the teaching faculty on this flagship and premier programme of study.

Anti-Corruption & Economic Crime Lawyer

Academic Programmes


The IACA stories project will offer members of the IACA community the opportunity to record, share, and preserve personal stories relating to their experience with the Academy.

The MACS programme has a solid structure, analysing corruption from all relevant angles. The programme is truly multidisciplinary and offers state of the art insights on fighting corruption through discussions with renowned academics and practitioners. The course has been highly relevant for my career. In my job I benefit a lot from the knowledge and international network I have developed during the MACS programme.

Strategic Analyst / Deputy Head Intelligence Centre, Security and Integrity Management, ABN AMRO Bank.

MACS is a program for people who have a passion about leaving a better world and at the same time people who want to make the most out of life, working and studying at the same time. Being in a classroom with 17 different nationalities is a unique experience by itself. The teachers are passionate about the topics and renowned worldwide. If you want to take the fight seriously, this is the place to be.

Head of the Regulatory Affairs Office, FEMSA Mexico.

Open Trainings

Musa Modoi

IACA is a place where theory meets practice and people from different nations exchange cutting edge perspectives and experiences in anti-corruption. The learning environment is amazing. IACA, and particularly the MACS, is a prism of different approaches – a hub where global anti-corruption practice is interrogated and validated, and new approaches unveiled through critical thought and innovation. When it comes to anti-corruption programmes around the world, I know no better than the MACS.

Advisor, Human Rights and Accountability, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda.

Alumni association

The alumni association includes over 3,100 former students and participants from our academic degree, open, and tailor-made trainings. They come from 163 countries and jurisdictions around the world. We seek to foster a lifelong connection between IACA and alumni, promote interaction among alumni, and connect them with current students.


IACA Alumni Reunions

Each year in July the annual Alumni Reunion is held in Laxenburg. This two-day event is tied to the last two days of the annual IACA Summer Academy held at IACA’s campus during the first week of July.

IACAlumni magazine


IACAlumni - is the alumni magazine of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), addressing alumni around the world who have participated in and, in general, completed at least one of IACA’s programmes or activities.

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