IACAlumnus magazine

IACAlumnus Magazine

IACAlumnus is a magazine written by alumni for alumni. It offers a forum for alumni to exchange ideas, explore current topics, and highlight achievements.

Previous editions are available below. You can also read the magazines in our Issuu IACAlumnus stack.

Issue XIX, 2019
Issue XVIII, 2018
Issue XVII, 2018
Issue XVI, 2017

Write for IACAlumnus

Would you like to contribute to IACA’s alumni magazine?

We welcome article submissions from alumni at any time. Faculty members, speakers, and researchers associated with IACA are also very welcome to contribute.

Issue XV, 2017
Issue XIV, 2017
Issue XIII, 2016
Issue XII, 2016
Issue XI, 2016
Issue X, 2016
Issue IX, 2015
Issue VIII, 2015
Issue VII, 2015
Issue VI, 2015
Issue V, 2014
Issue IV, 2014
Issue III, 2014
Issue II, 2014
Issue I, 2013
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