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Effective Government Auditing: Anti-Fraud and Corruption

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3 October – 12 November 2022




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This 6 weeks, interactive and engaging training course is developed with the aim to build the capacity of the participants to help prevent, detect and combat fraud and corruption at different stages. The aim of this training course is not to provide laws, regulations and international standards on auditing, but to encourage and motivate participants to develop their ability to recognise red flags and risks of fraud and corruption, by being more attentive and responsive to hints of fraud, thereby allowing them to use the most appropriate, innovative and effective anti-fraud control measures.
The training refreshes the knowledge of the participants and develops further expertise in anti-Fraud and Corruption. It aims to create an awareness and a healthy scepticism related to an “out- of -the- box- way of thinking” especially in situations of suspicion of fraud and corruption.
This course will highly focus on innovation by introduction of the practical use of new and sophisticated audit tools and techniques, open sources, systems and international databases. The training will also focus on crisis situations, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, new types of fraud and how to combat these.
This online training course has the same engaging approach and interactive character as the (Face2Face, F2F) Anti-Fraud and Corruption Games, developed and presented by Jo Kremers. It will also provide cases that will be solved by the participants at home through desk research (homework assignments). And finally, by no means unimportant, Jo Kremers uses the same slogans (key messages) for this online course as he uses during his F2F Games:

  1. “To catch a fraudster, you should think like a fraudster”
  2. “The winner (of the Game) takes it all, will it be you or……the fraudster?”
  3. “A day without laughter, is a day wasted”

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • use the new knowledge and experiences in a successful set-up, functioning and maintenance of the Anti-Fraud Cycle, Fraud Risk Management in particular and Fraud Risk Self-Assessment,
  • successfully detect fraud and corruption during verifications and audits;
  • use the fraud and corruption symbols to understand, analyze, prevent and detect new fraud and corruption cases, and new fraud trends including in crisis situations like COVID-19;
  • to think creatively and innovatively in a society with new opportunities for (potential) creative fraudsters, but also new challenges and opportunities to combat these;
  • to think like a fraudster in order to catch the fraudster;
  • innovate in the Anti-Fraud Cycle and in verifications and audits, by implementing and using new IT tools, robotics, Artificial intelligence, risk scoring tools, data analytics, open-source intelligence, international data bases et cetera
  • make use of the new knowledge and the new expertise as key stones for a warm passion in the fight against Fraud and Corruption; a passion needed to assure that public money will be used / invested / spend in a legal, regular and successful way for future generations

Structure and Workload

Approximately 9 hours / per week

The course is delivered online, - through synchronous live lectures, interactive and multi-media presentations containing lots of cases and exercises to be discussed and solved individually and in teams, while coached by the lecturer. At the end of some of the live lecture sessions there will be homework assignments.

Week 1: Introduction and Basics in Combating Fraud and Corruption (pt.1)

Week 2: The Basics in Combating Fraud and Corruption (pt. 2)

Week 3: Instruments for Detecting Fraud and Corruption

Week 4: Innovation in Verification/Control and Audits in general and in Detecting Fraud and Corruption in particular (pt.1)

Week 5: Innovation in Verification/Control and Audits in general and in Detecting Fraud and Corruption in particular (pt. 2)

Week 6: Fraud and Corruption in Times of Crisis, like COVID-19. Lessons Learned and Cases. Capita Selecta on Combating Fraud and Corruption

This course is for

Auditors, controllers, audit managers, managers


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the course.


Jo Kremers

Jo Kremers – Is a Certified Financial Auditor, Certified IT Auditor and Fraud Investigator. He has many years of experience in auditing and combating fraud and corruption built up during work as:

  • Tax auditor and Tax Fraud Investigator for Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and Dutch Fiscal Intelligence;
  • External Financial Auditor of Dutch Pension Funds and National Airports;
  • Internal Auditor and Internal fraud investigator for Dutch Tax and Customs Administration;
  • Financial Auditor, IT auditor and Fraud investigator, Central Audit Services Dutch Ministry of Finance;
  • Integrity and Information security audits;
  • Senior Audit Manager Audit Authority for European Union Structural and Investment Funds (Financial & IT audits and Helpdesk function for Fighting Fraud and Corruption) 

He has also served as Lecturer, expert / consultant in Risk Management, Control and Audit, Combating Fraud and Corruption at:

  • The National Academy for Finance and Economics, the training institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands
  • The International Anti-Corruption Academy
  • Several other Dutch and European Educational Institutes
  • In house trainings for several IIA Associations, Audit Organizations and individual Ministries.

He is a developer and owner of 5 different Anti-Fraud and Corruption Games and trainings that include:

  • The Anti-Fraud and Corruption Game, Basics; the Edition 2018 awarded in 2018 by the European Commission as a Good Practice in Combating Fraud and Corruption (now available as updated edition 2021, online and Face2Face)
  • The Anti-Fraud and Corruption Game, Advanced Level 2020, (now available as updated edition 2021, online and F2F)

The Anti-Fraud and Corruption training, an On-the-Spot training in The Netherlands 2019, (now available as updated edition 2021, only F2F, on-the-spot).
In the first quarter of 2021 it is expected the European Commission will award and publish all these Games / trainings as Good Practices in Combating Fraud and Corruption.
Now he is developing 2 totally new Games / trainings, available mid-2021:

  • The Anti-Fraud and Corruption Game On-the-Spot in “Mysterious” Venice Italy (F2F)
  • The Workshop “Skills Lab Fighting Fraud and Corruption” (F2F)

Payment options

card payment

FEE - EUR 750.00

20% - EUR 600.00

15% - EUR 637.50

10% - EUR 675.00

International Anti-Corruption Academy

Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

© 2023 IACA. Developed by IACA.

Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

© 2023 IACA. Developed by IACA.

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