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30 Sep 2024 – Dec 2026


12 August 2024

The programme will start subject to enough number of student enrolments.






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Our specialized master’s programme for business professionals in these fields.

  • 2 years with 120 ECTS credits
  • Blend of academic and practical activities

The programme offers a rigorous, diverse, and innovative anti-corruption compliance and collective action curriculum. It reflects a variety of academic disciplines necessary for providing comprehensive insight into corruption, anti-corruption, compliance systems, and collective action schemes while offering the practical know–how and expertise from non–academic fields through Compliance Labs and other innovative tools. Students and their employer’s benefit from both the academic and practitioner focus of the programme.

The programme is delivered online and it is part-time. The programme can be completed in a minimum of two years, while students can pause their studies if their work or personal commitments require so.


  • Earn an internationally recognized Master of Arts degree with 120 ECTS credits while building/continuing your professional career.
  • Learn through synchronous and asynchronous methods with maximum flexibility.
  • Deepen your knowledge of business sector anti-corruption compliance and collective action using ethics, law, economics, behavioural sciences, audit, and compliance management, anti-money laundering, procurement etc.
  • Implement global best practices in anti-corruption and compliance within domestic and transnational regulatory frameworks, for both private and state-run businesses.
  • Enhance your skills in identifying and mitigating various types of risks, and conducting internal investigations.
  • Strengthen your practical skills through methodologies and tools provided during the compliance labs.
  • Share and learn with business sector peers from across the globe.
  • Develop new ideas for initiating and managing collective action initiatives against corruption.
  • Contribute to your organization and sector through a practical expert-guided final thesis.

and curriculum

Each of the seven IMACC online modules carries between 13 to 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits, and the Master's Thesis carries 21 credits. The IMACC degree therefore comes with a total of 120 ECTS credits, thus ideal for enrolment into PhD programmes.

The IMACC programme runs over two academic years with seven modules and a Master Thesis. Each module runs in 12 weeks. The modules comprise of core and stand-alone courses, composed of self-study readings, interactive presentations, discussion forums, self-assessment, group work, on campus and instructor-led virtual classes, written assignments, webinars, etc. Upon successful completion of the modules and the master’s thesis defence, the graduation ceremony takes place at IACA headquarters in Austria. The programme also offers an ongoing module on research methods, and an ongoing course on facilitating teamwork in the learning process.

Four modules are completed in the first academic year. Three modules and the Master's Thesis are completed in the second academic year.



  • Undergraduate degree, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of three years of relevant work experience or a proven history of academic research in areas related to anti-corruption and/or compliance, broadly understood. Candidates who do not have working experience yet and are applying directly from the bachelor’s degree, should have their undergraduate degree qualification such as economics, law, political science, sociology, or any other filed related to IMACC studies
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • 100 EUR application fee (non-refundable) / 50 EUR only for nationals of IACA Parties contributing to the general budget of the organization, listed under 15% and 20% discount scheme. Please refer to the discount scheme for more information. 

The programme is open to working professionals from public, and private sectors, as well to those professionals from NGOs and civil societies. In addition, the online IMACC programme is open for fresh graduates and candidates without prior working experience.

Admission Process

Submit an online application along with the required documents and the non-refundable application fee. After the admissions office has received all required documents and the application fee, it will review your application and notify you of the outcome within three to four weeks of submission of your application. It may also contact you earlier if additional documents are needed and invite you for an interview when necessary to verify your English language proficiency and other information based on the application. All scholarship candidates will be invited for an interview three to four weeks after the scholarship application deadline.

Guidelines for application

Participants are selected taking into account their professional and academic experience. IACA is committed to promoting diversity and strives to attract participants from various professional backgrounds and geographical areas. Bringing together diverse perspectives and practices to better learn about and tackle corruption is essential to the quality of the IMACC programme.

Programme Fee

The overall programme fee is  EUR 17,900.

The programme fee covers teaching, including teaching materials and ICT, and supervision and thesis defence. All other arrangements and associated costs, not covered by the above stated fees, such as, travel, medical insurance, accommodation and subsistence for the graduation ceremony, are Student’s responsibility.

In some countries and jurisdictions, educational expenses can be tax deductible. Please check with your national tax authority.

Fees can be paid in two equal instalments; before programme start and mid programme. Students are recommended to plan their payments in advance and to consult the admissions and finance office for any payment related questions.


IACA offers various discounts for groups, for full payment of tuition fees, and under the Preferential Treatment Scheme.


Application Fee

To make the application fee payment please click below.

Individual Sponsorship

IACA does not have any scholarships and encourages applicants to arrange with their companies, organizations, and public-sector entities for financial support or grant educational leave.

Lecturer Experience

Heike J. Boehme
Heike J. BoehmeQualified attorney, Chief Compliance Officer

Teaching hinges on teaching both content and skills. I want my students to develop a holistic approach of addressing corruption risks: to understand the legal bases and to make connections with people, to understand the reasoning for their actions. I share my broad practical experience from a legal advisory and in-house perspective, from the industry and the NGO sector. But good teaching also depends upon intellectual exchange - the interactions with professionals of diverse backgrounds at the IMACC classroom offer exactly that!

Michael Hershman
Michael HershmanCo-founder of Transparency International and Chairperson of IACA’s International Senior Advisory Board

The International Anti-Corruption Academy once again demonstrates its innovative approach to ethics and good governance by announcing the start of the new master’s degree programme in anti-corruption compliance and collective action. The curriculum for this programme is designed for compliance and ethics professionals who want to increase their knowledge in areas such as best practices in compliance, ethics, risk management, internal investigations, and collective action.

Andy Spalding
Andy SpaldingProfessor of Law, University of Richmond

Whether for a student or a professor, IMACC creates the rarest of opportunities: an intimate group of students who, despite or even because of their diverse backgrounds, find commonality in their desire to learn, their years of professional experience, and their shared commitment to an ethic of anti-corruption compliance. I've had the good fortune to teach anti-corruption law all around the world, and I've never seen anything like it.

Martim Della Valle
Martim Della ValleIndependent arbitrator based in Brussels, Lisbon and São Paulo, specializing in commercial disputes

Many IMACC students have a proven track record as agents of change in their respective countries. During or shortly after IMACC some have been promoted to senior positions, some have made career moves, some have implemented new ideas, some started promising academic projects. IMACC strikes a very good balance between theory and practice, with in depth content presented by renowned scholars and practitioners. I believe the new online version will not only reach a broader and more diverse audience but also will provide up to date content in an up to date platform.

Impact stories

Ján Králik

General State Counsellor, Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia

IMACC 2017 - 2019 class

The International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action is a truly unique course. Its main benefit lies in the fact that lectures are provided not only by the most renowned international academics, but also by practitioners of various professional backgrounds. This enables participants to look into topics from various perspectives, engage in very interesting discussions, and apply the obtained knowledge immediately to daily work activities.

Monde Sikopo Magolo

Head of Forensic Investigations – Rest of Africa, ABSA Group Limited, Zambia

IMACC 2017 – 2019 class 

Having started on IACA’s IMACC in November 2017, I must say that the wealth of knowledge and skills in anti-corruption compliance for the corporate sector I have so far gained from some of the world’s most renowned professors, faculty staff, and the reading material is immeasurable. Each Module allows students to experience the divergent spheres of anti-corruption compliance. Personally, the workshops and Compliance Labs have been my favourites, as they provide students with the requisite hands-on experience in various areas of anti-corruption compliance. It is an honour for me to be a part of the inaugural IMACC class and I have no doubt that my decision to embark on this journey of studying at IACA is one which will bring added value to many.

Wesley Mwafulirwa

Partner, John Tennyson and Associates, Malawi

IMACC 2017 – 2019 class

The MACS programme has a solid structure, analysing corruption from all relevant angles. The Studying at IACA was the best academic decision I ever made. The Academy brings in the best lecturers in the field and the learning environment is also excellent! IACA staff members are also very supportive. With modern learning tools, there could not have been a better place for me to do my post-graduate studies than IACA!

Rohit B. Shrestha

Freelance Compliance Expert, Kathmandu, Nepal

IMACC 2017 – 2019 class

The IMACC has not only given me insight on the roots, natures, and intricacies of corruption; but also, remedial compliance and collective action skills and tools to fight corruption. The IMACC has been a source of knowledge, confidence, and motivation for me to contribute to the efforts of academics, professionals, and national and international institutions to fight the genetics of corruption.

Katuna Sinyangwe

Manager, Internal Audit, Financial Intelligence Center, Zambia

IMACC 2017 - 2019 class

The IMACC programme provides an environment for critical learning, debate, and exchange of ideas on anti-corruption compliance. I’m always inspired by the academic staff’s willingness to share their knowledge and experience. To me, through the IMACC programme, IACA is developing an army of anti-corruption compliance experts equipped with cutting edge knowledge and skill to make a difference in the world.

Celine Peng

Ethics & Compliance Officer, United Technologies Corporation - Otis, China

IMACC 2017 – 2019 class 

The IMACC programme has been a memorable and valuable experience as it gives me the opportunity to meet professors at the top of the compliance field and classmates of diverse cultural backgrounds. This is a place where we are able to not only apply theory to the real world through a hands-on approach, but enjoy the freedom of exchanging vibrant and different ideas to develop a global mind-set. I’m proud of being a part of the IACA family and motivated to explore the best practices in combating corruption.

Maricarmen Meléndez Pineda

Deputy General Director, National and International Affairs, Financial Intelligence Unit, Mexico

IMACC 2017 – 2019 class

The IMACC programme has allowed me to experience the harmony among different cultures and ideologies, the encounter with illustrious lecturers, the challenge that motivates the fight against corruption, the knowledge that inspires leaders, and the creation of unbreakable bonds of friendship.”

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