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Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Anti-Corruption and Compliance measures

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19 Jul - 13 Aug 2021




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Recent technological advancements by using revolutionary software on high powered computers connected through high-speed communication technology are touted as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The smartphone technology and the internet has affected not only the ways of life but also the ways business is conducted. These technologies also create several terabytes of data, called ‘big-data’. Recent disruptive technologies include ‘parallel computing’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘blockchain’, Internet of Things, quantum computing etc. We expect in near future unusual and sophisticated business models, precise account keeping, efficient verification system, big-data storage, mining and analysis for automated decision-making processes. Rapid adaptation of the regulatory framework is also expected. The question that might be debated is whether a machine will supersede the human mind and capabilities? Do adoption of Information Technology based solutions create new avenues for crime, fraud and corruption? Will the ecosystem of anti-corruption compliance look different in future with new technologies complementing existing efforts including eGovernance and eGovernment? Could new technologies be a silver bullet to fight corruption or this is merely hype?

Learning objectives

The participants will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the benefits of the use of technology in various activities of the government, corporate governance and media, and various pitfalls, especially the new challenges created by technologies. Then the participants will also learn about the features of three emerging technologies, namely, Artificial Intelligence, big-data analytics and blockchain, the expected usage in anti-corruption and compliance, current applications, and their possible convergence in future. Such convergence may create new opportunities as well as pose new challenges, risks and disruptions in the field of anti-corruption and compliance. The course will briefly cover importance of eGovernance and Digital Identity as means of curbing corruption. While there will be an analysis of actual cases where new technologies are being experimented and applied, the participants will get opportunities to discuss and experience peer learning as well.

Structure and Workload

Approximately 36 Hours (9 hours per week)

The course is delivered online, and includes pre-recorded lectures, synchronous live lectures, self-assessments, case study analysis and individual assignment and online discussions. It is adapted specifically for professionals in full-time work.

This course is for

Professionals interested in knowing more about possible use of emerging technology in controlling and detecting corruption and the best practices.


A Certificate of Complettion will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the course.


Pawan Kumar Sinha

Pawan Kumar Sinha is the Director of Academic Programmes Department at IACA and is currently empaneled as Director General in the Minsitry of Finance in India (on leave/deputation). He has had a career in civil services in India spanning almost three decades, and and has held several senior positions in the areas of administration including anti-corruption, tax assessment, customs processes and automation, intelligence and investigation, research, and training. Prior to joining IACA, Mr. Sinha was Additional Director General of the two zonal units of the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics in India

He teaches Economics of Corruption, Collective Action, Asset Recovery and the role of Emerging Technologies in Anti-Corruption and Compliance.

Additional experts may also join during the live sessions and online panel discussions.  

Payment options

card payment

This course is offered to a special fee for registered IACA alumni of open online trainings as a celebratory course of IACA’s 10th anniversary.



FEE - EUR 650.00


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