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Summer Academy 2024

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8 - 14 Jun 2024


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Training Fee

2,000 EUR


An intensive, interdisciplinary programme that addresses trends and practices on the global anti-corruption agenda and promotes a culture of the reflective practitioner.

The Summer Academy equips participants with:

  • a deeper understanding of the intricacies of corruption
  • enhanced skill sets to assess best practices and cross-sectoral challenges
  • tools to help bridge the gap between anti-corruption theory and practice
  • frameworks for devising sustainable anti-corruption strategies
  • exposure to the latest research and case studies from leading global experts
  • the opportunity to exchange experiences and develop a strong network.

Participants benefit from high-level peer discussion and subsequently join the Academy’s alumni network of anti-corruption and compliance professionals from more than 160 countries.


Please note that physical spaces at the training are limited and attendance is subject to approval. We kindly request the participants to await email confirmation of participation before engaging in any travel arrangements.

IACA reserves the right to change or adapt the date, time and/or format of the event at its own discretion given the rapidly changing nature of the current global pandemic.

target audience

Professionals from around the world, with relevant work experience in the public or private sector, international or non-governmental organizations, as well as media representatives, students, and researchers in areas related to anti-corruption and/or compliance. Applicants with a level of junior engagement demonstrating their potential may also apply.


  • Professionals with an extensive level of work experience related to the training. Subject to available seats, professionals with a level of junior engagement demonstrating their potential are encouraged to apply
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English

Participants will be selected based on their education and professional experience. IACA is committed to promoting diversity and strives to attract participants from various regional backgrounds.



Motivation Letter

Passport Copy

Professional Photo

Evidence of English Proficiency (as in IACSA 2024 Information)                     

Letter of reference (optional)


The IACA Summer Academy 2024 is foreseen to be delivered in-person and include live sessions, team-building activities, and social events.

Certificate awarded

Certificate of Attendance

and Logistics

Programme Fee

2,000 EUR – tuition fee, shuttle service to the IACA Campus, daily on-site catering with lunch and coffee breaks.


Under the Preferential Treatment Scheme for IACA Parties contributing to the general budget of the organization, IACA is offering different preferences related to member states contributions to the IACA general budget.


Your Stay in Austria

Participants are welcome to choose their accommodation in Vienna.

Registered Summer Academy 2024 participants shall receive information required for booking their accommodation (subject to availability).


Participants are responsible for their own medical insurance and covering any associated costs.


Participants requiring a visa for Austria are responsible for their own visa arrangements and any associated costs.

Payment options

card payment

FEE - EUR 2,000.00

20% discount - EUR 1,600.00

15% discount - EUR 1,700.00

10% discount - EUR 1,800.00

Impact stories

Chikondi Lipato-Sikwese

Financial Investigations Manager, Malawi Financial Intelligence Authority

Summer Academy 2022

The IACA Sumer Academy provided a platform for a global conversation on anti-corruption issues amongst field experts and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. It made me appreciate that no matter how long one has been working in their field, one can still learn novel approaches to anticorruption strategies. The most captivating part of the conversation revolved around the need for radical change in effective anti-corruption approaches, aiming to create environments where people willingly follow rules, reducing opportunities for corruption.

Veli Kaplan

Country Head of Financial Crime Threat Mitigation, HSBC

Summer Academy 2023

Corruption is a multi-dimensional problem that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy equipped the participants with this approach for effective policy-making against corruption. Thanks to this training, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the different dimensions and angles of corruption.

Liana Issa Lima

Senior Legislative Counsel, Chamber of Deputies of Brazil

Summer Academy 2023

Here I met people from all over the world that work or study in the field of anti-corruption. So, building this rich network of international fellows and likeminded people enriched my work and contributed to the legislative process in my home country. When I saw the opportunity to come to Austria to dedicate one week of my time to be exclusively here, studying anti-corruption and talking to fellows from all over the world, I just did not think twice.

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Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

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