Global Programme
on Measuring Corruption

Robust. Relevant. Useful.

The Global Programme on Measuring Corruption works with international organisations, governments, civil society, private sector and academia to collaboratively design a robust, relevant and useful approach to measuring corruption.

How we measure corruption shapes how we view and address the problem. Indicators create international standards, affect economic growth and influence our views about government performance. This material and reputational impact means it is vital that measures are as accurate – and actionable – as possible.

Scientifically Robust

Based on peer-reviewed methodology

Practically Useful

More actionable for practitioners tackling corruption in their countries

Truly Global

Designed in consultation with stakeholders from different countries

News and Insights

Italy confirmed for GPMC’s first research visit

The GPMC will conduct a series of research visits as part of a consultation process in its first year. Visits will consult with a wide range of stakeholders including Government Ministries / Agencies, International Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Private Sector and Academia.

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