Advancing state capture measurement, the third GPMC Expert ‘Think-in’

Advancing state capture measurement, the third GPMC Expert ‘Think-in’

Measuring state capture was the topic of the third GPMC Expert Think-in, held at IACA in Laxenburg from 3-5 May. The theme was selected because it has received little attention from academics and practitioners, hence filling in existing gaps holds great promise.

The Expert Think-in, led by Liz David Barrett (GPMC) and Daniel Kaufmann (Brookings Institution), convened a group of scholars and practitioners from different disciplines to identify gaps in the field and to collectively come up with ideas to address them. The challenge is how to harness existing promising data sources while serving stakeholders’ needs for evidence.

Sarah Brierley, of the London School of Economics and Political Science, pointed out that this workshop was an opportunity to think about how to measure the concept of state capture not only in the Global South but also in developed economies, where the phenomenon is increasingly seen. “The workshop has improved our understanding of when corruption ends and state capture begins, which I think is of great value in terms of measurement,” she added.

The meeting was joined remotely by Brigitte Seim and Rachel Sigman, who have been actively involved in the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) project, one of the world’s largest data-driven research endeavors developing measures of state capture at the country level.

The workshop participants were:

  • Raisa Annisa, Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Sarah Brierley, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Juan Ceballos, Global Programme on Measuring Corruption
  • Ivor Chipkin, The New South Institute
  • Liz David-Barrett, Global Programme on Measuring Corruption
  • Pablo de Greiff, New York University
  • Roberto de Michele, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Mihály Fazekas, Central European University
  • Alexander Gerganov, Center for the Study of Democracy
  • Daniel Kaufmann, Brookings Institution
  • Dusan Pavlovic, University of Belgrade
  • Zef Preci, Albanian Center for Economic Research
  • Anik Rahmawati, Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Francesca Recanatini, World Bank

A short insights brief summarizing the discussion and conclusions will be published soon on our website. Stay tuned and contact us on social media to continue this timely conversation!


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