Measuring Integrity for Better Understanding and Tracking Corruption

This brief summarises the key insights arising from the Expert ‘Think-Ins’ on Measuring Integrity which took place in October 2022. In this workshop, the participants explored why measuring integrity might be preferable to measuring the prevalence of corruption,

particularly at the level of organisations. Insights briefs are intended to be of primary use to organisations or researchers working on corruption measurement, countries currently developing tools or systems to measure corruption, and civil society.


Advancing state capture measurement, the third GPMC Expert ‘Think-in’

Measuring state capture was the topic of the third GPMC Expert Think-in, held at IACA in Laxenburg from 3-5 May. The theme was selected because it has received little attention from academics and practitioners, hence filling in existing gaps holds great promise.

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Measuring integrity for better tracking and understanding corruption? Background note for expert think-in

This background note set the scene for the measuring integrity expert ‘think-in’. It explores definitions and dimensions of integrity, maps the three dimensions of integrity – personal, organisational, and professional;  and presents a selection of the main approaches to measuring integrity, providing a sense of the types of research methods used. This background note explains  why a focus on integrity could potentially help address gaps in corruption measurement, bringing fresh momentum to this endeavour.

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Country Insights Brief Brazil

This brief presents the key insights from our country research visit to Brazil which took place in October-November 2022. The research visit involved consultations with a purposively selected sample of in-country stakeholders from government, civil society, the private sector, and academia. The brief explores their interests, needs, and uses for corruption measures, as well as current measurement approaches.

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