Global Programme on Measuring Corruption

We are a highly skilled international team who share a core set of strengths and values. Through creative and collaborative working practices we are focused on learning more about what users need from corruption indicators and meeting those needs through methodological innovation.

Liz David-Barrett

Head of the Programme

Liz has been researching corruption for more than 20 years and was previously Director of the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex, UK. Always aiming to bridge gaps between research and practice, she has engaged widely with practitioners (e.g. by authoring reports for Transparency International, advising governments on  anticorruption strategies, and supporting the private sector on business integrity).

Aoife Murray

Senior Researcher

Aoife has 12 years’ experience leading complex, assignments in the field of governance, anticorruption and public policy evaluation. She has consulted for the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs; the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation; Swedish International Development Cooperation; Philanthropic Foundations and Non-Governmental Organisations. Aoife also has bilateral and multilateral experience in her previous roles as Development Officer at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland and as Policy Analyst at the United Nations Development Programme. Her research interests include the application of utility focussed approaches, the value of co-creation in improving uptake, and measuring the effectiveness of corruption/anticorruption strategy and policy.

Juan Camilo Ceballos Oviedo


Juan has extensive experience researching corruption risk at the local level, political corruption, campaign finance and whistleblower protection. He specialises in designing applied research methodologies and using big data to detect corruption opportunities in public administration, political parties and the private sector. Juan has also worked with civil society and local governments to unpack and report corruption acts.

Ahyoung Lee

Administrative Associate

Ahyoung is an experienced programme manager, having managed several technical programmes for international and bilateral organizations such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. She has expertise in managing donor relationships and strategic partnerships; and coordinating multi-stakeholder initiatives including in the scientific and academic community. Also, she has undertaken research and data analysis in the field of industrial development and industrial competitiveness to provide policy recommendations.

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