DSC 0056At last week’s United Nations (UN) Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), IACA reaffirmed its commitment “to cooperate further with other international organizations and institutions working on the nexus between corruption and cybercrime”, and noted that corruption and technology is already an increasingly prominent theme in its academic degree programmes, practice-oriented trainings, and other activities. IACA’s statement is available below.

DSC 0503 editThe fight against corruption was highlighted as “the top of the list of contemporary criminal justice issues” by UN Secretary General António Guterres when he addressed the Commission on 14 May. He pointed out that “combating corruption requires a culture of integrity, led from the top,” and urged a strengthening of “the UN's support to Member States in tackling corruption, strengthening good governance and the rule of law”. Mr. Guterres also mentioned the risks surrounding cybercrime, which he noted “is estimated to generate some $1.5 trillion in revenue per year”.

IACA hosted a well-attended side event entitled “Cyber-Crime and Cyber-Corruption: The Fourth Criminal Revolution?” on 17 May, in the framework of this session of CCPCJ. During the interactive discussion, experts from IACA, the Council of Europe and academia provided essential insights on risks related to cybercrime and cyber corruption. The panel and attendees explored issues including how emerging technologies may reshape the landscape of anti-corruption in the near future.  

DSC 1033In addition, IACA contributed to the debate on new technologies and their potential influence on social, economic, and political development during a session entitled "Cryptocurrencies, Cybercrime and Impacts on Women", as well as during a side event on “A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Integrity in the Private Sector: the Italian experience”.

In parallel to the CCPCJ, IACA also held on 16 May an event on integrity in the private sector which was co-organized by the Permanent Mission of Italy to the International Organizations in Vienna. The event showcased examples and best practices of business integrity and anti-corruption and took place at IACA’s campus.

IACA CCPCJ statement May 2018