Basel CA conference Nov 2018The International Center for Collective Action (ICCA) at the Basel Institute on Governance will hold its 3rd Anti-Corruption Collective Action Conference on 14 – 15 November 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. IACA, which like the Institute is an Integrity Partner of the Siemens Integrity Initiative, is pleased to support the conference.

High-profile speakers and panellists at the event include:

Andreas Hoffmann - General Counsel of Siemens AG

Erik Fyrwald - Chief Executive Officer, Syngenta AG

Steve Zimmermann - Senior Adviser Governance, Global Practice Group, World Bank

Professor Robert Klitgaard - Adviser to governments around the world on government reform and economic strategy, member of IACA’s frequent visiting faculty

Lisa Miller - Head, Integrity Compliance Unit, World Bank

Mark Pieth - Founder and President of the Board of the Basel Institute, former Chair of the Working Group on Bribery at the OECD

Michael Silverman - Special Counsel at Hughes, Hubbard & Reed

The 2018 conference will review the evolution of multi-stakeholder approaches to tackling corruption. It will also look to the future with a view to establishing Collective Action as a go-to anti-corruption tool for companies that want to engage with others in revolutionary ways to stop bribery.

In doing so, the conference will build on the previous two events, which looked at success factors of Collective Action and explored the different Collective Action formulas employed so far.

Key sessions and debates will focus on constructive engagement between the private sector and law enforcement to counter corruption; how to ensure a successful Collective Action remains sustainable; the relevance of context; the role of technological and digital advances, such as e-governance and blockchain, that may offer revolutionary solutions and how these can be harnessed by the private sector together with others when combating corruption; and converging risk management addressing corruption and human rights in furtherance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What: Anti-Corruption Collective Action – Evolution to Revolution

When: 14 - 15 November 2018

Where: Volkshaus Basel, Rebgasse 12-14, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

Registration is now open to attend the conference.

The full agenda, speaker bios, venue information, and other information can be found here.