DSC 0503 edit IACA this month welcomed participants from three continents to its Laxenburg campus for an expert seminar featuring Michael Johnston, Distinguished Professor at IACA and the Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Colgate University.

Prof. Johnston, a renowned figure in the world of anti-corruption, guided the group of professionals through compelling topics including the last 25 years in anti-corruption, accomplishments and problems of political and analytical efforts in this field, the impact of influence markets, exclusion, civil society, and “populism” on reform, and challenges to come including emerging techniques of corruption and reform.

DSC 0498 editOver two days, Prof. Johnston engaged participants to share their own perspectives and on-the-ground knowledge, and the seminar was an excellent opportunity for networking with peers from around the world.

The participants who completed the seminar have joined IACA’s alumni network of over 1,700 anti-corruption and compliance professionals in 159 countries and jurisdictions.

IACA’s “Best Of” seminars are aimed at professionals eager to improve the design, management, and sustainability of their anti-corruption efforts. Each seminar is delivered by a pre-eminent anti-corruption specialist who shares the “best of” his or her most recent work.

In recent years, the “Best Of” seminar series has featured internationally renowned experts such as Tina Søreide (Norwegian School of Economics), Drago Kos (Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery), Johann Graf Lambsdorff (University of Passau), Robert Klitgaard (Claremont Graduate University), Bo Rothstein (University of Gothenburg), and Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale University).