Malaysia flagMalaysia has made a voluntary contribution of EUR 50,000 to support IACA’s work in empowering anti-corruption and compliance professionals across the globe. Malaysia’s previous total contribution to IACA’s general budget from 2012 to 2018 was EUR 851,698.97.

This contribution comes at a financially challenging period for the organization and will help facilitate the implementation of the organization’s various education, training, and capacity-building activities.

In 2019, similar to Malaysia, Armenia, Croatia, Kuwait and the Republic of Korea have taken the lead with respect to providing voluntary contributions to IACA. These contributions, which are of high importance to the Academy, will hopefully encourage other stakeholders to provide voluntary contributions to ensure the utilization of IACA’s full potential and capacity.

Malaysia has been one of the most active partners of IACA since its inception and joined as a State Party in January 2012.

Voluntary contributions by Parties are mentioned as a core element of the organization’s financing under Article XI.(1).a of the IACA Agreement. Click here for further details.