Group photo webStudents from IACA’s 2017 – 2019 Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme are currently in Tbilisi, Georgia for the in-class part of their final module, which focuses on Corruption Prevention and the Future of Anti-Corruption. After successful implementation of the MACS module in Georgia in April 2017, this module is again generously hosted by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the Training Center of Justice of Georgia.

The module runs from 8 to 19 April and includes discussions on public procurement, corruption prevention in the non-profit sector, whistle-blower protection, successful anti-corruption reforms, and the future of the anti-corruption agenda. The MACS students are also taking part in study visits to the Georgian Ministry of Justice Public Service Hall, Public Service Development Agency, Civil Service Bureau, and the Public Procurement Agency.

Lecturers for this module are Jeroen Maesschalck (Belgium), Max Kaiser Aranda (Mexico), Malika Ait-Mohamed Parent (Switzerland), Ashley Savage (Austria), and Ivo Texeira Gico (Brazil).

The MACS is a two-year programme specifically designed for working professionals. Each module has a two-week in-class phase that takes place approximately every three months. Most of these classes are at IACA’s campus in Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria, with at least one two-week session held at another location worldwide. Previous modules have been hosted by Brazil, Georgia, Malaysia, and by the Integrity Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group.

IACA is currently accepting applications for the MACS 2019 – 2021 programme, which will begin in October this year. For more information and to apply, please click here