Russia flagThe Russian Federation has made a voluntary contribution of USD 200,000 (equivalent to EUR 177,793.58) to support the organization’s work in empowering anti-corruption and compliance professionals across the globe.

This is the ninth such contribution since 2011. It will help IACA implement its various education, training, and capacity-building activities and hopefully lead to other stakeholders also providing further support to the Academy.

The Russian Federation continues to work with IACA in various ways. In particular, between 2016 and 2018 IACA developed and delivered three tailor-made training programmes for anti-corruption and compliance professionals from the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Member States, an initiative generously co-sponsored by the Russian Federation. Plans are underway to hold the fourth in this series of trainings later in 2019.

The Russian Federation is a Founding Member of IACA, and a Party to the Agreement for the Establishment of IACA as an International Organization since March 2011.

Voluntary contributions by Parties are mentioned as a core element of the organization’s financing under Article XI.(1).a of the IACA Agreement. Click here for further details.