DSC 0224 webIACA this week launched for the fourth consecutive year its tailor-made training for anti-corruption and compliance practitioners from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The three-day event is co-sponsored by the Russian Federation and will take place at IACA’s Laxenburg/Vienna campus from 23 to 25 September 2019. Combining theory and practice, the customized programme aims to build a common knowledge base and strengthen regional capacities to combat corruption. Topics will include, among others, international anti-corruption legal measures, the region’s experience in combatting corruption, conflict of interest management, and public-private partnerships.

Participants will subsequently join IACA’s alumni network of anti-corruption and compliance professionals in 161 countries and jurisdictions.

Tailor-made trainings are IACA’s customized programmes for specific organizations, corporations, or institutions, addressing the unique challenges that each one faces in preventing and fighting corruption. Several such trainings are scheduled for the coming months; learn more about the Academy’s tailor-made training programmes here.

Read more about the training and apply here.