DSC 1785 webLast week IACA delivered its third interactive training programme for senior Siemens compliance and export control professionals from around the world.

Consisting of lectures, discussions, and case studies, as well as practical exercises in compliance, the seminar covered a range of topics, including data protection and GDPR, sanctions and regulations, ethics and behaviour, corruption cases from the prosecutor’s perspective, competition and compliance, UK Bribery Act enforcement, and investigative journalism and corruption.

The five-day programme began on Monday with a team-building exercise and featured sessions with Dr. Dr. Alexander Petsche and Dr. Lukas Feiler (Baker McKenzie), Matthias Merz (Aussenwirtschaft-Akademie Muenster), Jay Darden (Paul Hastings law firm), David Pegg (The Guardian), Milda Zilinskaite (Vienna University), Roderick Macauley (former UK Ministry of Justice Criminal Law Advisor), Matthias Sutter (Universities of Cologne and Innsbruck), and Martim Della Valle (founder of the Zenith Source).

IACA delivered two similar seminars for Siemens in May 2016 and April 2017.

Tailor-made trainings are IACA’s customized programmes for specific organizations, corporations, or institutions, addressing the unique challenges that each one faces in preventing and fighting corruption. For more information, please click here.