IACA Logo BoG CMYK VectorAt its second meeting of the year from 27 to 28 June, the IACA Board of Governors discussed the Independent External Auditors’ report for the budget year 2018 and discussed preparations for the upcoming seventh session of the Assembly of Parties (AoP), which will convene in Nur-Sultan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the beginning of September.

The external auditors, who were appointed by the Board from senior members of national supreme audit institutions or other suitable institutions of volunteering Parties, conducted the audit earlier this year.

Their report will be submitted to the seventh session of the AoP later this year for final acknowledgement.

Other issues discussed by the Board included; financial stability and sustainability of IACA, focus of its future activities, and current developments at the organization, including the recent expansion of its memberships and plans for academic programmes and training activities.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Alexey Konov, the Chairperson of the Board. Members serve in their individual capacity and come from all regions of the globe, as well as from the United Nations.