VS Laaer Berg-StrThis year’s Season’s Greetings cards were drawn by two young children from the Laaer Berg-Straße Elementary School in Vienna, Austria.

Forty-five 4th graders aged 9 to 10 participated in the competition and although all children handed in outstanding pieces of artwork, we had to pick two winners: Jusuf Emrović, who drew a colorful version of the “IACA key”, and Lukas Pechacek, who drew the Palais Wittgenstein-Kaunitz, IACA’s campus building. Today, IACA staff members visited the school to say thank you to the children and their teachers. Lukas and Jusuf were excited to hear that their drawings will go out to countries all around the globe as Season’s Greetings Cards. The joy in the children’s eyes became even greater when they received IACA shoulder bags and chocolate as a small token of gratitude.

Seasons Greetings 2012-13 IACA FacilitySeasons Greetings 2012-13 IACA Key