UN-IACA Cooperation Agreement VOn 9 November, the Academy and one of its initiating partners, the United Nations Office and Drugs and Crime (UNODC), acting on behalf of the United Nations, further strengthened their relationship through a new cooperation agreement.

The signing ceremony took place at IACA’s campus in the presence of the Austrian President, H.E. Heinz Fischer, and a number of ambassadors and senior officials from the international community. UNODC’s Executive Director, Yuri Fedotov laid his signature for the United Nations and IACA’s Chair and Executive Secretary, Martin Kreutner, for the Academy.


President Fischer, whose country has also been at the forefront of IACA’s institution, expressed his content over the solid cooperation between the two organizations, both of which are based in Austria. In referring to the Academy, President Fischer stated that, “in a very short period of time, IACA has managed to establish itself as a very respected international organization”. “The fact that its constituency has continuously and significantly increased since the Inaugural Conference speaks for itself, and my best wishes go to its upcoming first Assembly of Parties”, he added.

UNODC’s Executive Director spoke of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the importance of anti-corruption education in raising public awareness. “Training and education are at the core of IACA’s work”, he indicated, “and we look forward to deeper cooperation”. Along with President Fischer, Executive Director Fedotov complemented the work of IACA’s Transition Team.

In reflecting on IACA’s development, Martin Kreutner communicated that the cooperation agreement formed a “strong and robust framework for the fight against corruption”, characterizing it as, “the latest step in a long, fruitful relationship between UNODC and IACA”. Mr. Kreutner alluded to this decade as one of education in the anti-corruption world, adding that a great amount of work lies ahead of the international community.  “I am convinced that together, not only on the basis of this agreement, will we be able to further our joint aims: preventing and combating corruption globally and empowering professionals," he concluded.

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