Brazilian Ambassador VisitsOn 5 November IACA welcomed a delegation led by H.E. Evandro de Sampaio Didonet, who has recently been appointed as the Brazilian Ambassador to Austria.


The Brazilian delegation was presented with an overview of IACA`s structure and goals, and was informed on the Academy’s past accomplishments along with its current and future activities, such as the MACS programme and the upcoming first Assembly of Parties. Possible follow-ups and future modes of cooperation between the Academy and Brazil were likewise discussed with both parties stressing the importance of effectively preventing and fighting corruption. IACA’s delegation, headed by IACA’s Chair and Executive Secretary, Mr. Martin Kreutner, thanked Ambassador de Sampaio Didonet for his visit and expressed hopes for a continued close and prosperous partnership in the future.

Brazil is an important partner for IACA, having signed the Agreement for the Establishment of IACA as an International Organization on 22 December 2010.