Hayden JordanOn 24 and 25 September 2012 the Word Anti Corruption Forum, co-sponsored by IACA, convened for the first time. The Forum aims to address the effects corruption has on economic development, governance and sustainability, discuss misconceptions about corruption and provide a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge within the field of anti-corruption.

The conference was held in Amman, Jordan, under the patronage of Taher Al Masri, Head of Jordan Upper House of Parliament, and saw participation from all sectors and with wide geographical diversity.


IACA’s Senior Programme Advisor, Suzanne Hayden, gave the opening lecture on types of corruption and thereby laid the ground for the following panel discussions. The topics covered ranged from the role of legislators as the "first line of defense" and the involvement of academia and civil society institutions, to the private sector's part in curbing corruption. Another panel dealt with the role of the media, with a specific focus on challenges to investigative journalism following the Arab spring. The conference closed with a summary by the panel chairs and the prospect of a follow-up conference in Bahrain. For more material on the conference, including photos and videos, please visit www.anticorruptionforum.net.