Foto2 pragueFrom 12 to 14 September, the Concluding Meeting of the 20th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum took place in Prague. Thematic emphasis was put on the issue of “Promoting Security and Stability through Good Governance”, and the event saw the participation of delegations from all 56 participating States, various international organizations, NGOs and the private sector.

The Forum has been considered the main annual event within the OSCE’s economic and environmental dimension. Earlier this year, two preparatory meetings leading up to the Forum were held in Vienna, 6 to 7 February, and Dublin, 23 to 24 April.

In Prague, Martin Kreutner, IACA’s Chair and Executive Secretary to the Provisional Commission, was invited to moderate the first panel. Furthermore, IACA provided support to the OSCE by commenting on the official conference policy paper “Strategic approaches to corruption prevention in the OSCE region”. IACA’s Master in Anti-Corruption Studies programme was also positively mentioned during talks on strengthening civil society and media engagement in support of good governance, integrity and transparency. All OSCE participating States renewed their pledge to continue their political engagement and will for preventing and countering corruption