IACSA LaunchYesterday, students from 53 different countries and a wide array of backgrounds arrived at the IACA campus for the second International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy (IACSA).

From July 5 to July 14, 70 participants will be given the unique opportunity to learn more about the complexity of corruption, approach the issue from different angles, and reflect on it together with academics from all around the globe. During this intense ten-day programme, renowned lecturers are going to analyze the most fundamental aspects of corruption from an economic, sociologic, political and juridical point of view.  In addition to the lectures, two panel discussions, interactive group workshops and plenty of opportunities to network round off the programme.

Just like our students, IACSA lecturers come from all different geographic regions, cultures and academic backgrounds, therefore embodying the international character of the programme.  Living up to our motto “Practice meets Science”, IACSA aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, mere rhetoric and ambitious action. It is the interdisciplinary character that makes this summer academy so unique. We wish all our students a successful ten days in Laxenburg with colleagues from all over world.