ProvComm1The third session of IACA’s Provisional Commission took place on 21 June in the Vienna International Centre. It witnessed the participation of a large number of delegates, representing all corners of the globe, and was chaired by Ambassador Eugenio M. Curia of the Latin America and Caribbean Group (GRULAC).

This session was dedicated to the elaboration of key principles related to the staff regulatory and financial frameworks. Other agenda items included programmes, financial matters and technical arrangements. Delegates also discussed the roadmap for the Assembly of Parties, which will convene on a ministerial level on 29 and 30 November of this year.

The Provisional Commission, established on 13 October 2011, brings together all of IACA’s Signatories and Parties. Serving an interim function, it is mandated with supporting the organization’s activities, carrying out arrangements for finalizing the effective implementation of the IACA Agreement, and preparing for the Assembly of Parties. The Provisional Commission is scheduled to have two more sessions, on 21 September and 28 November, respectively, complimented by informal consultations.