Chinese Delegation Visits IACAOn 24 April, IACA received a distinguished delegation from the People´s Republic of China´s Ministry of Supervision, Academy of Supervision and Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide the Chinese representatives with more information about IACA’s operational structure, mandate and future perspectives, as well as to explore possibilities for the establishment of more formalized cooperation between China and the Academy.

Mr. Martin Kreutner, Chair of IACA’s International Transition Team and Executive Secretary to the Provisional Commission, noted that besides programmes and trainings, the Academy also foresees engaging in anti-corruption structural analysis and reform. Concerning the possible duplications of efforts with other international organizations and multilateral fora, Mr. Kreutner disclosed that IACA does not intend to do large-scale policy-making. “On the contrary, we have the potential to act as a service provider in offering research data on a variety of anti-corruption topics, and see ourselves as having a complimentary role to already established organizations“, he asserted.

The People’s Republic of China has supported IACA since its foundation. “To combat the ancient disease and modern cancer called corruption, we all need training and capacity building“, Mr. Xiangren Kong, the Director General of the Ministry of Supervision’s External Affairs Bureau stated. “My country very much appreciates the establishment of this organization and we look forward to strengthening cooperation“.

Kong elaborated on China’s experiences with corruption over the last 30 years in transitioning to a socialist market economy. He discussed the challenges of reform and restructuring in the world’s most populous nation, and explained the benefits of the country’s national integrity system and five-year plan for its implementation.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the exchange of experiences with Mr. Jinyang Hu, the Vice-President of the Academy of Supervision and Ms. Ning Wang, the Deputy Director of the Academy‘s Research Department. Established in October 2010 as a training school for the government’s anti-graft personnel, the Academy of Supervision has thus far trained 10,000 Chinese officials.

In closing, both the Chinese and IACA delegations expressed hope for forging a more formal relationship and profiting from various types of exchanges.