UK Bribery Act SeminarOn 16 and 17 April, the Academy offered an exclusive seminar on the UK Bribery Act, a contemporary piece of the UK’s criminal law legislation relating to bribery. In force since July 2011, the act affects all companies and individuals doing business in or with the country.

The seminar was designed for a small group of executives and compliance officers who face the challenge of integrating the requirements of corporate good governance in today’s global climate. The lecturers, Richard Alderman, Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office and Roderick Macauley, Criminal Law Advisor at the UK Ministry of Justice, both deeply involved in the preparations and implementation of the act, provided participants with a unique inside view of its provisions and how to best comply with it.

Roderick Macauley discussed the UK government’s policy guiding the act for collaborative efforts in corporate good governance, clarifying the needed reform in the pervasive area of bribery, and the main principles considered. He thoroughly covered all articles, going into great detail on the most complex aspects and the jurisdiction of the UK Bribery Act itself.


Richard Alderman elaborated on corporate responsibility, the repercussions associated with breaching the act, and explained how the Serious Fraud Office can provide assistance for complying with it. Alderman also illustrated and analyzed challenging concepts such as facilitation payments and corporate hospitality.

The seminar stimulated lively discussions, with the small group size and lecturers‘ enthusiasm allowing for more interactive discussions and the addressing of all questions.