Expert Meeting DohaOn 26 March, IACA participated in the regional expert meeting on “Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacities in Arab Countries against Corruption Cimes“ in Doha, Qatar, under the auspices of the Public Prosecution of the State of Qatar.

The meeting was held at the Qatar University College under the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Initiative (ACINET). It brought together a number of law enforcement experts and practitioners who discussed elements of a capacity building programme that focuses on enhancing education, investigation, prosecution and international cooperation skills for law enforcement practitioners that is specifically relevant to the experiences of the region.

IACA took this opportunity to introduce its Power of the Pen seminar, expected to take place this fall, which would center on the role of the media in light of the Arab Spring, and serve to empower journalists from the region. In addition, IACA offered to serve as a platform for cooperation between ACINET and the European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC) network, the latter for which IACA hosts the Secretariat.