DSC 0036A delegation from the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, led by H.E. Minister Karlheinz Töchterle, paid the Academy a visit on 27 March. The role education and research can play in providing tools and fostering preventive measures to curb corruption were the focal points of discussion.

In this context, Minister Töchterle emphasized that “education per se and an environment allowing and furthering such broad literacy” are key elements for “a socially, politically and economically prosperous society”. He added, “with its training and research perspectives in a most important area, IACA has great potential to contribute to and advance these goals globally. We also highly welcome its preparation of a Master programme in anti-corruption". Martin Kreutner, the Chair of IACA’s International Transition Team and Executive Secretary to the Provisional Commission highlighted that education is ultimately enablement. “At IACA education will also include work and research into anti-corruption structural system analysis and reform. Besides seminars, courses and academic programmes, anti-corruption research will provide additional data, figures, and findings and will help to facilitate reform and change”.

The delegates also spoke of the importance of the Academy’s decision to undergo international peer reviews and quality control in order to ensure quality standards. The Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, the country’s governmental organ responsible for education, research policy and funding for universities, assured IACA of its full support.