International Investogators CourseOn 23 March, the International Investigators Course came to a successful close. The second in a series, the course was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with IACA.
Twenty-three investigators working for international organizations took part. Practice-oriented in nature, the course focused on the most pertinent issues of an investigator’s work, with sessions on procurement investigations, parallel investigations with law enforcement, advanced internet investigation tools, forensic evidence handling and open source research.
The overall aim of such a training was to increase the capacity of investigation sections in the UN system to more effectively assess and investigate complex and technical allegations of wrongdoing, such as large scale procurement fraud or organized corruption which may require extensive analysis. As a forum for the sharing of expertise, it also served to harmonize practices and ‘lessons learned’ from the investigation of cases. The need for frequent and organized interaction for this purpose has been highlighted by the UN Joint Inspection Unit as a means of further developing best practices in UN Investigation Offices.

The course was very well-received by the attendees and a follow up training on additional aspects of investigation is expected to take place at IACA this fall.