rose-ackerman susanIACA is pleased to host a two-day anti-corruption seminar on 7 and 8 June, featuring renowned economics and law professor, Susan Rose-Ackerman.
Covering the issue since the 1970s, Professor Rose-Ackerman will discuss the evolution of her thinking on the roles of international actors and nation states at all levels of economic and political development in both promoting and countering corruption. Long heralded as a foremost authority on the economic and jurisprudential aspects of corruption, Professor Rose-Ackerman will discuss some of the key issues that must be addressed by anti-corruption programmes: from the design of public institutions, to the role of economic and moral incentives, to the uses of sanctions versus rewards to control malfeasance.

For two days, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze the root causes of corruption and contemporary empirical research and to engage with Professor Rose-Ackerman in formulating the key ingredients of a viable anti-corruption policy. This course is a must for jurists, economists, academics and governmental policy-makers who grapple with the question “where do we go from here?” and “how do we engage all of the sectors necessary to impact a culture of corruption?”
More information will be available under the Programmes & Activities section of our website soon.